Please see our pricing menu for a detailed list of services we offer. If you would like us to check our availability, simply send over your details:


Wedding Date

Time You Need to Be Ready By

Getting Ready Location

Total Amount of Services You Need

We require a minimum of at least 2 hair and/or makeup services ($245 in services) for us to go on-site for your event. For larger bridal parties with more than 5 total services, we will require additional stylists. Travel fees are per Stylist.

If we are available for your event on holidays or after-hours, fees are double the normal rate.


✧If you would like us to save the date for your special day, we do require a credit card on file to hold the date. Please notify us of any changes to your schedule as soon as possible. Dates cancelled within 2 weeks of services will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. Any date cancelled within 24 hours will be charged 50% of the total service cost. 

✧We do require a single payment when all services are complete for larger bridal parties. Tips should be paid directly to the stylist in cash or through venmo.


A button down shirt, robe, or strapless top is recommended so you don't disturb your hair style and makeup when changing.

If you are getting curls or an upstyle or halfupstyle, hair should be washed and dried the night before. If we have to dry your hair, it will take an additional 20- 30 minutes and will be an additional cost.

If you getting a blow dry in-room, please have hair freshly washed. 

Please have skin clean for all makeup services

✧Bring inspiration pictures on your phone to show your stylist on the day of your services